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Cres private apartments
Cres private apartments
The first destination en route to an authentic experience
Cres private rooms
Cres private rooms
Holiday in the heart of the old town
Villa Rivijera
Villa Rivijera
Spending the night right on the coast
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Šljunčana plaža

Cres apartments

The town of Cres has a rich offer of private accommodation, and to be able to give you an unforgettable authentic island experience we provide authentic accommodation that will allow you to truly get to know the culture of Cres with the help of friendly and hospitable locals, as well as learn to see the world around you with new eyes by staying in an eco-friendly environment and in the vicinity of wild, untouched nature. You are welcome at our private apartments and rooms all year round – try out the unique combination of a comfortable environment and an authentic Cres experience!

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Town of Cres, Beli , Lubenice, Martinšćica, Valun


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