Your safety comes first.

During these challenging times, we are doing our best to offer you all the benefits of travel and enjoying new experiences, while at the same time ensuring your safety, as well as the safety of all our partners and employees.

We are keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 situation and following all related advice and recommendations issued by competent health organisations, and all our renters are taking precautionary measures to ensure you a safe and relaxed stay on the island of Cres and in all the accommodation units. Each apartment comes with a hand sanitizer, and the rooms are frequently and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

The procedures that our renters are following are based on recommendations issued by the Croatian Institute of Public Health and shall be updated in accordance with new developments, i.e. in line with the guidelines issued by WHO and the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

Your safety and well-being are our top priority. We wish you a safe and fun holiday.

Stay safe in Croatia
Safe Travels Hotel Kimen, Cres